If you are looking for a new opportunity to diversify your present business, or to start up a new company, then Gas Tank Renu – USA has the perfect dealership program for you.

Gas Tank Renu – USA has developed a Dealership program that has established a strong presence across North America. In it, you the Dealer are the backbone of the organization. Our success depends on yours.

Gas Tank Renu – USA has developed a unique and comprehensive Dealership support system. It includes top quality products, financing assistance, a thorough training program, sophisticated advertising and promotional activities, warranties and regular consultations on business, marketing and technical matters.

Investing in a Dealership/Franchise has proven to be one of the most intelligent business options of the 1980s, 1990s, and into the new millennium! It is an economic venture that combines all the rewards of an independent business with security, support, impressive management and resources of an entity like Gas Tank Renu – USA.

Our program is designed as a stand-alone concept, or as an add-on system, to an already established business.

The Gas Tank Renu – USA concept is along the lines of a franchise, but with:

  • No Royalty Fees
  • No Submitting Financial Information
  • No Limitations to Conducting Other Business

All of the advantages of a true franchise concept are intact, such as:

  • Territory Protection
  • International Recognition
  • International Warranty
  • and many more…

Become a Dealer